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Home Management & Discipline Recovery Coaching


  • 60 Minutes Coaching Session
  • You have the option to book single, weekly or intensive coaching package.
  • Teaching style: Mix of coaching and training


  • procrastination
  • disorganization
  • mismanagement
  • making priority, getting things done, daily structure
  • self-sabotage, daily habit, productivity
  • meal prep, meal plan, home management, chore structure,
  • set up the system, identify patterns
  • consistency & accountability

Refund policy

No refund for this online coaching.

For questions & consultation through email, send to

Due to the possible time difference, you will hear from us max in 24 hours! Our local time is GMT +8 from Bali, Indonesia.

Book Session

Single Session

60 Minutes Coaching Session.

4 Coaching Sessions

One session each week and 4 QnA email support in 1 month.

8 Sessions Intensive Package

Two sessions each week and 8 QnA email support in 1 month.